Trust in Digital life introduction

Dear readers! Welcome to the official blog of the Trust in Digital Life Association.
In this blog all topics related to ‘trust in digital life’ will be discussed and critically reviewed. Via this blog we hope to add trust in digital life by raising awareness about the insecurities of our expanding digital life. Here, our members and guests will give their opinions about the latest developments in digital security, developments in policy making in digital life, and many more. This blog is intended for everyone with an interest in trust in digital life. We will kick off with a short introduction.

The Trust in Digital Life (TDL) community, formed by leading industry partners and institutes, considers trust as a priority prerequisite. Trustworthy ICT solutions must become a commodity enforced by citizens and law. The Trust in Digital Life community has capabilities to resolve the issues and will research, pilot and promote innovative trustworthy ICT environments and technologies.

TDL community encourages the industry to develop innovative information and communication technologies, enabling consumers and enterprises to judge for themselves if their devices, applications and services are trustworthy enough to protect them from internet threats. Industry has the ambition to provide these technologies for an affordable price to the market.

I hope you will enjoy reading our blog.


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